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Rebecca Fitzpatrick-Yancey, Milestones & Mondays Travel

Hey, I'm Rebecca Fitzpatrick-Yancey

Travel Advisor, Adventure Seeker

Hello, I'm Rebecca, and I'm thrilled to share a bit of my journey with you.

Life has a way of unfolding in unexpected directions. As a mid-50s widow and a dedicated mother to Levi and Sally, I've experienced a significant shift in my path. I recently bid farewell to a fulfilling 30-year career in Occupational and Environmental Health & Safety.

My life is a blend of interests, and I find joy in embracing them all. I'm an avid reader, an enthusiastic cook, a dedicated baker, and, above all, a passionate traveler.

Traveling has been my constant companion, a love affair that's spanned my entire life. My late husband, always more adventurous than I, and my association with scouting programs introduced me to thrilling activities like rappelling, hiking, whitewater rafting and even scuba diving. While some seemed daunting at first, I faced my fears and tried new things.

I found a calling in connecting people with expedition and adventure travel. My goal is to create incredible experiences for active adults, families with older teens and young adults, multi-generational groups, girlfriends needing getaways, and even solo women travelers. I understand the desire to explore beyond the familiar, to venture into off-the-beaten-path locations, where we can savor rarely seen landscapes & wildlife, and immerse ourselves in the heart of different cultures, lifestyles, and cuisine.

You might be surprised to learn that I lean towards introversion. While I cherish my solitude, I also recognize the importance of having a well-planned schedule when I travel. Sometimes, just getting out the door can be a hurdle, but I know the energizing power of experiencing new things. That's why I meticulously research and plan ahead of each trip, ensuring a fine balance between activities and downtime.

Over the years, I've learned the significance of slowing down, taking time for self-care, pampering, indulging in good food, and perhaps engaging in a yoga or fitness class. Travel should be an opportunity to revitalize both the body and the soul.

As your luxury travel advisor, my aim is to weave these experiences into your travel journey. Let's create memories and adventures that resonate with your heart and soul. Together, we'll embark on explorations that transcend the ordinary and elevate your travels into extraordinary, meaningful experiences.

I can't wait to be a part of your travel story!

Global travel brands I partner with

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We asked Milestones & Mondays Travel to plan a trip to The Galapagos for us. It was easy to get on her calendar and set the planning meeting. During the planning meeting Rebecca asked several questions to help get to know our travel style and budget. She told us how her process works. In a few days, she had a meeting with us to review three options. They were all different, but still what we asked for. She answered our questions about the different options then gave us time to review. Although we chose not to book at this time, Rebecca presented excellent options in a professional and timely manner.

R. & R. Faulkner, South Carolina

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