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10 Reasons Ocean Cruisers Will Love River Cruising

Ocean cruises have long been a favorite vacation choice, and for good reason. They’re affordable, convenient, and provide everything you need for a fantastic getaway all in one place.

But have you considered a river cruise?

You might think that “inland” and “cruise” don’t go together. Let me show you how perfectly they do. River cruises combine the comfort and convenience of an ocean cruise with the excitement of ports of call, in Europe and around the globe, providing exciting excursions at each stop along the itinerary.

If you love ocean cruises, it might be time to try a new way to explore the world’s waterways. Let us book you on a river cruise for a unique and relaxing tour of your chosen destination.

Here are the top 10 reasons ocean cruisers will love river cruising:

Christmas Market European River Cruise

1. **Expand Your Options**

While ocean cruises take you to countries, river cruises take you through them. Mega cruise ships simply can’t reach river cruise destinations.

2. **Intimate Experience**

River cruising offers a more intimate setting with ships accommodating about 200 passengers. This means no long lines, allowing more time to enjoy amenities and have a personal experience with other passengers and crew.

3. **Dive into the Local Culture**

Escape the touristy ports and explore hidden gems. Large ocean liner ports can have up to 20,000 visitors a day, but with a river cruise, you’ll arrive with only a few hundred visitors. Enjoy leisurely excursions and take in the local culture and history at each unique port of call.

4. **No Need to Rush Back**

Many departures are later in the afternoon or evening, some will even stay overnight, giving you the chance to enjoy the nightlife in select ports. Whether it’s an evening walk, a local show, or a glass of wine while listening to a local musician, you can immerse yourself in the evening culture.

5. **Local History, Culture, & Castle Views**

From Amsterdam to Basel along the Rhine, and in Budapest, Bratislava, Dürnstein, and Passau on the Danube, you’ll see stunning castles and colorful architecture. Explore these castles with a knowledgeable guide and walk in the footsteps of history. Similarly, on exotic river cruises round the world, you will be immersed in the area's rich history and culture, sampling local foods and regional wines, and often being entertained by local performers.

Africa River Cruise Chobe River

6. **5-Star Reviews**

The preferred supplier partners chosen by Milestones & Mondays have excellent reviews earned through exceptional service. Whether relaxing on the sun deck, enjoying a night under the stars, or meeting kind locals, you’ll see why our river cruise partners receive such high praise.

7. **Entertainment for the Whole Family**

River cruising is perfect for multi-generational families, offering a variety of activities and stops. From spa services and sundeck pools to cultural activities and quiet reading spots, there’s something for everyone. Mealtimes provide the perfect opportunity for the family to come together.

8. **Taste the Difference**

Enjoy exceptional culinary experiences both on the ship and at every destination. Your onboard culinary team uses fresh local ingredients and pairs dishes with local wines. Say goodbye to mass-produced buffet food!

9. **Variety of Experience**

Every river cruise destination offers something unique. Whether visiting local breweries, hiking to castles, biking through trendy neighborhoods, or exploring museums and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, each destination provides a special experience.

Nile River Cruise

10. **World-Class Accommodations**

River cruise staterooms are luxurious and river-facing. Whether you choose a window view, private balcony, or twin balcony, you’ll always have a room with a view.

So, there you have it. Ten great reasons ocean cruisers will love river cruising.

I would love to match your travel style with the right itinerary and ship. Contact me today and let me know what you are celebrating with a river cruise. Is it a Milestones event or just another Monday? I'll be happy to suggest the perfect add-ons to make your experience truly special.

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